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Big ship coming to Bellingham; Port hopes more to follow

From the Bellingham Herald

A very big ship will soon be arriving in Bellingham Bay, another sign the shipping business is finally making a comeback in the area.

The 590-foot MV Diana Bolten is scheduled to dock at the Bellingham Shipping Terminal on Sept. 28 and unload 10,700 metric tons of organic corn and soybeans that are destined for local markets, according to the Port of Bellingham.

This is the first arrival of cargo to the Bellingham Shipping Terminal in more than 17 years, according to Port spokesman Mike Hogan. The Port has been making improvements to lure shipping companies to Bellingham, including spending $500,000 to replace the roof on Warehouse 2, allowing it to be certified for the storage of organic grains. Other recent improvements in the area include the clean-up of the Whatcom Waterway, a new bulkhead and updated stormwater and power systems.

Earlier this year the Port signed an agreement to allow a company to export logs out of the shipping terminal. A ship is expected to arrive later this year to pick up its first load.

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