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Sause Bros. announce Coos Bay expansion; says Port of Newport’s vote signals ‘closed for business’

“It’s a public port, but now a port of exclusivity to one industry … the fishing industry.”

Excerpts from The World:

Sause Bros. is expanding its business in Coos Bay.

Though this is good news for local economy, Sause Bros. is also motivated to expand its business in places like California and Washington state after the Port of Newport rejected a shipping deal for Silvan Bros. and Teevin Bros. contracts were denied.

Caitlin Sause, vice president of government and public affairs, expressed her opinion that the Port of Newport’s contract rejection wasn’t smart, because allowing the two companies in would have increased Newport’s economy. Not only that, but she said some of the employees those businesses would have brought in would have been based out of the Coos Bay area.

“This decision is going to greatly reduce revenue to the port and people using the port,” she said. “It’s a public port but now a port of exclusivity to one industry … the fishing industry.”

“It says to me that the port of Newport is saying it is closed for business unless you’re one industry they like,” she said.

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