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Portland asking hard questions on future in containers

Excerpts from the Journal of Commerce:

The Port of Portland Commission will receive a report from consultant Advisian Worley Parsons Group that will suggest types of carriers that can be attracted, with the best bet being niche carriers in trades that do not require large ships. Carriers such as Westwood Shipping, which until last summer specialized in hauling forest products westbound to Asia and consumer merchandise eastbound into Portland; Westwood had a profitable operation. Another possibility for the port would be carriers operating in the north-south trades.

The commission also needs to determine what operating model is best suited for Terminal 6. The intention will be to operate the facility efficiently while at the same time winning the support of labor. Portland’s problems with the powerful International Longshore and Warehouse Union began when the port in 2010 switched from being an operating port to a landlord port.

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