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Fuel tanker runs aground on Columbia River, is refloated, heads to Port of Longview

From The Oregonian:

A 557-foot tanker loaded with 1.63 million gallons of ethanol and 6.65 million gallons of monoethylene glycol ran aground Thursday morning near Skamokawa, Washington, on the lower Columbia River, the U.S. Coast Guard says.

There are no reports of pollution in the river, flooding aboard the vessel or injuries to crew members, the Coast Guard said in a news release. Skamokawa is about 33 miles downriver from the Port of Longview and perhaps 45 miles from the mouth of the Columbia River.

The tanker, called Argent Cosmos, ran aground at about 6:28 a.m. after the vessel lost the use of a fuel pump.

The Argent Cosmos had refloated with the incoming tide and was en route to the Port of Longview at 2:15 p.m. Thursday, a Coast Guard spokesman said.

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