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Experts warn of carrier alliances causing congestion, disruption at U.S. ports

Excerpts from an article titled ”’Shotgun start’ of new alliances to test port productivity” in the Journal of Commerce:

Concern is growing that major US gateways won’t be able to handle the overnight changes that will occur at marine terminals when new ocean carrier alliances take effect on April 1. A new bout of congestion is potentially just weeks away.

Experts say they can see it coming a mile away; problems are inevitable any time the normal routine is disrupted at a marine terminal. … That’s the scenario beneficial cargo owners will face in a little more than a month, particularly at ports with multiple terminals, such as Los Angeles and Long Beach. A variety of changes to the normal routine will occur virtually overnight.

“On the trans-Pacific, there will be significant disruption come April when the new services are introduced,” said Tan Hua Joo, executive consultant with Alphaliner.

Read the full article at the Journal of Commerce


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