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Cruise industry expects robust 2017

From a Post Bulletin article titled ‘Travel Scene: Cruise operators are riding high seas’:

The cruising industry is setting sail into 2017 with high expectations.

According to industry leaders, the outlook is that 2017 may be a historic one, with bookings at an all-time high. That prospect has been advanced by one of the leaders of World Travel Holdings, one of the largest leisure travel operators in the county.

According to Travel Market Report, Brad Tolkin, co-chairman and co-CEO of World Travel Holdings, told a cruise conference that December bookings for 2017 were the highest in the company’s history.

And the nation’s travel agents also are optimistic. Cruise Lines International Assn., the industry’s major marketing organization, reported that 73 percent of agents said they expect sales to increase in 2017 and “fully 27 percent expect increases of 10 percent or higher.”

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