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Portland newspaper declares 'death sentence' for controversial propane terminal

In an article titled ‘Mayor Charlie Hales withdraws support for Pembina propane terminal,’ the Willamette Weekly writes:

Charlie Hales spoof Pembina

Posters have appeared around Portland spoofing Charlie Hales’ campaign materials. Hales ran as an environmentalist and was pushing for massing propane exports that would clog existing rail lines. ILWU Local 8 has been actively opposing the project.

In an abrupt about-face, Mayor Charlie Hales yesterday told the Port of Portland that he is dropping his support for a proposed $500 million propane terminal to be built by the Canadian company Pembina Pipeline Corporation.

That’s a death sentence for the massive project, which Hales earlier championed. The mayor reportedly cited concerns about how the project could affect his 2016 re-election campaign when he informed the Port he was pulling the plug.

Environmentalists and residents close to the railroad tracks that would bring propane-laden trains from Canada criticized the deal, raising concerns about safety and the export of a fossil fuel.

Port of Portland Executive Director Bill Wyatt notified Port colleagues Hales was pulling the plug.

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