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New drayage trucking company to hire drivers as employees and promote ‘labor peace’ at ports

From the Long Beach Post:

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, port truck drivers, business and labor leaders and environmental groups announced Monday the formation of Eco Flow Transportation, a company that will hire all drivers as employees instead of independent contractors and focus on improving air quality through the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach Clean Trucks Program.

The “Port Solutions Agreement,” developed between Eco Flow and the Teamsters and brokered by Mayor Garcetti between the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Port Division and Saybrook Logistics, states that Eco Flow has a neutral position regarding its employees’ choice to unionize. It also states that the company is a 100 percent employee driver company “designed to maximize efficient utilization of truck assets in order to reduce congestion and diesel emissions.”

It states that Eco Flow will utilize “free flow” cargo, which can help move cargo in and out of terminals more quickly.

More at the Long Beach Post


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