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Seattle, Tacoma ports release Seaport Alliance draft proposal

The Seattle and Tacoma port commissioners on Wednesday released the draft Seaport Alliance agreement to unify management of their marine-cargo divisions — now named The Northwest Seaport Alliance.

The commissioners will hold a public meeting at 9:30 a.m. Friday at Federal Way City Hall to discuss the agreement. The two ports expect to submit the […]


Portland newspaper declares 'death sentence' for controversial propane terminal

In an article titled ‘Mayor Charlie Hales withdraws support for Pembina propane terminal,’ the Willamette Weekly writes:

Posters have appeared around Portland spoofing Charlie Hales’ campaign materials. Hales ran as an environmentalist and was pushing for massing propane exports that would clog existing rail lines. ILWU Local 8 has been actively opposing the project.

In […]