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Hamburg Süd takes first spot for reliability

Global schedule reliability improved by nearly 5 percentage points from January to February according to SeaIntel’s latest industry-leading Global Liner Performance report. On-time performance increased to 72.2% in February (based on 9,931 vessel arrivals. Data from INTTRA shows that container delivery increased to 54.2% in February from 49.1% in January, based on 2.8 million container arrivals.

Reliability in the Transpacific EB trade lane (999 vessel arrivals) decreased for the seventh consecutive month to 39.8%, while container delivery decreased to 20.0%. Both scores represent a new record-low performance in the trade lane. In the Asia-North Europe trade lane (730 vessel arrivals) on-time performance increased to 73.2%, which marks a Y/Y improvement of 23.2 percentage points, while the Asia-Mediterranean trade’s (735 vessel arrivals) schedule reliability dropped to 63.4%.

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