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West Coast Dockworkers Push Back Boss Attacks

Excerpts from The Militant:

The union succeeded in getting the truth out, explaining how the lockouts, the bosses’ failure to train crane operators and the creation of a chronic shortage of chassis to transport containers were responsible for the growing disruption of trade. Rail bosses exacerbated the situation, prioritizing more profitable oil transport, leading to a shortage of trains to carry grain and cargo.

The Pacific Maritime Association made concessions to the longshore workers in a Feb. 4 contract proposal, including a 14 percent pay increase over five years, maintaining a health care plan paid entirely by the employers and returning jurisdiction to the union over maintenance and repair of chassis. There was still disagreement, however, over how workplace disputes are arbitrated.

“The ILWU Negotiating Committee responded to concerns from members about inequities and injustices in the current area arbitration system,” Merrilees told the Militant, “and were able to reach agreement on a new system that will increase fairness and respect for union members when disputes arise.”

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