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UK publication shows members' photos that debunk PMA's claims of congestion

Longshore workers who documented empty terminal space to debunk the employers’ claim of congested docks have had their photos published widely. Acknowledging that it was ‘thousands of miles away,’ The Loadstar in the UK wrote in an article titled ‘West coast port congestion: Crisis, what crisis? asks dockworkers’ union (in pix)’:

Photo by ILWU member

This photo by an ILWU member in Southern California shows space available for container imports.

Problems at CP Rail are likely to be further compounded by a recent strike notice issued to the company by the Teamsters union, which covers around 3,000 engineers and conductors, and said industrial action could begin on 15 February.

However, a series of photographs sent to The Loadstar this week from the ILWU suggest that the congestion is not as bad as claimed, and came with the following comment from ILWU president Bob McEllrath:

“PMA is leaving ships at sea and claiming there’s no space on the docks, but there are acres of asphalt just waiting for the containers on those ships, and hundreds of longshore workers ready to unload them.”

More at The Loadstar


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