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ILWU Local 21 says propane exports ‘not a good fit’ for Longview

Excerpts from a Daily News article titled ”JH Kelly in line for Haven’s propane terminal contract”:

Despite local trade labor’s support, ILWU Local 21 expressed concerns about the nature of the permanent jobs, rail congestion and the safety and location of the terminal.

“We have concerns about an upstart company storing (millions of gallons) of liquid propane right in the heart of the port,” Local 21 president Jason Lundquist said Thursday.

“This is not a good fit,” he continued. Lundquist believes Haven hasn’t been clear enough in talks with the ILWU about how the facility would operate or about the nature of the jobs.

“What are these jobs? … If they can’t tell you, that should be a huge concern for everybody. We’re not talking about widgets here, we’re talking about propane,” he said.

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