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ICTSI is 'failing to thrive in the US because of its own managerial shortcomings'

Port of Portland's Terminal 6 is privately operated by Philippines-based ICTSI

Port of Portland's Terminal 6 is privately operated by Philippines-based ICTSI, which signed a 25-year lease with the port in 2010.

From an article titled ‘Problems continue at the Port of Portland’ in the Portland Tribune:

Only a few days after West Coast port operators reached a tentative contract agreement with the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, the operator at Port of Portland is accusing the ILWU local of engaging in an illegal work stoppage.

The tentative labor agreement was announced between the Pacific Maritime Association and the ILWU on Friday. But on Monday, ICTSI Oregon, which operates Terminal 6, said the local union is not making a good faith effort to increase productivity to acceptable levels there.

But Jennifer Sargent, a spokeswoman for the local IWLU union, said, “The statements that ICTSI made to the media about work stoppages were, as usual, self-serving and inaccurate. ICTSI arbitrarily fired entire crews of workers this week and then complained that no one was working. The fact is, ICTSI is failing to thrive in the United States because of its own managerial shortcomings, and desperately trying to blame others for its own mistakes. ICTSI’s poor decisions and rogue attitude have chased away two major customers in Portland and alienated their peers in the industry. If ICTSI spent as much time improving operations as they spend complaining to the media, our region would have a more productive container terminal by now.”

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