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ICTSI's Port of Melbourne automation project chooses Finnish vendor

”Last year, the consortium laid out over $56.6 million (€40 million) for 12 automated stacking cranes and 11 automated shuttle carriers for the new port facility. Once the cranes lift containers off a ship, they can be set down in “buffer zones” and picked up by the shuttle carriers, which transport them to other […]


Zim finally calls it a day on Asia-North Europe to target more lucrative routes

Israeli ocean carrier Zim has finally axed its monthly ad-hoc sailings from Asia to North Europe, according to a report from Alphaliner, ending the restructured container line’s presence in the trade.

Severe losses, much attributed to the highly-competitive Asia-North Europe tradelane, obliged the ‘new’ Zim to suspend its liner service last April and terminate its […]