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Why the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a pending disaster

TPP sign

Republicans, who now run Congress, say they want to cooperate with President Barack Obama and point to the administration’s Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, as the model. The only problem is that the TPP would be a disaster.

The TPP is a Trojan horse in a global race to the bottom, giving big […]


China Cosco disposes of 17 boxships and bulkers

State-owned China Cosco Holdings has announced the disposal of 17 vessels with a combined tonnage of 919,853 dwt.

The Chinese shipowner has sold four containerships and 13 dry bulk carriers to the scrapyards between September to December last year, fetching in RMB318.2m ($51.2m) but realising a loss of RMB123.86m.

The loss, however, would be offset […]