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European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) supports ILWU in letter to PMA

In a letter to PMA President and CEO Jim McKenna, our brother Terje Samuelsen, Chair of the Dockers’ Section of the ETF wrote:

ETF logoI am writing to you as the Chair of the Dockers’ Section of the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) to express our strong support for our brother union in the ITF, the ILWU, which is currently negotiating with the PMA for a coast wide contract.

These negotiations are of course extremely important to West Coast longshoremen and women, their families and communities, and, indeed the American public. ITF affiliates and regions around the world including the ETF are also following these negotiations closely given the significance of the West Coast trade and the leading role that the ILWU plays within the global family of dockworker unions.

Download the full ETF letter here


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