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Dear Mr. McKenna: From the National Federation of Dockworkers Unions of Japan

We appreciate that our fellow dockworkers’ union, the National Federation of Dockworkers Unions of Japan (Zenkoku Kowan), has sent a solidarity letter to PMA President & CEO Jim McKenna. an excerpt:

Along with the other dockworker leaders meeting in London, England this week, we have pledged to provide active solidarity support to the ILWU and its members by any and all legal means available to us, if necessary, in order to bring the negotiations to a successful conclusion.

Like the ILWU and ITF, we are keen that a fair and swift resolution be reached in these contract talks, and call on the PMA to demonstrate the same determination as the ILWU in achieving this.

Yours faithfully,

Kinichiro Itoya
Zenkoku Kowan [National Federation of Dockworkers Unions of Japan]

Dockworkers Union of Japan solidarity with ILWU

Click on the image to download the full letter in PDF format.


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