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Dockworkers strike over APMT terminal agreement in Costa Rica

Dockworkers in Costa Rica walked off the job Wednesday, continuing a long battle over a proposed container terminal operated by APM Terminals with a strike.

Union leaders described the strike as “indefinite.” The union, which represents workers working at terminal overseen by the Atlantic Port Authority (JAPDEVA), had threatened a strike for several days after Costa Rican courts green lit a 33-year concession agreement between the government and APMT for the construction of a new container terminal in Moin.

SINTRAJAP head Ronaldo Blear told ADN that docks in Limon and Moin would be closed starting at 8:30 a.m. today, calling it a “fight for dignity, to stop a monopoly and avoid serious harm to the people of Limon.” The Port Authority told La Nacion that one container ship in Moin was in the middle of being unloaded. Two other container ships in Limon were also not able to be unloaded.

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