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Canpotex to invest at Port of Portland terminal

Portland Bulk Terminals, where ILWU Local 8 members load potash for export.

Portland Bulk Terminals, where ILWU Local 8 members load potash for export.

Excerpts from a Port of Portland news release:

Canpotex, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Portland Bulk Terminals, L.L.C. (PBT), is investing up to $140 million in new equipment and infrastructure to improve the efficiency of its shiploading operations and the management of Canpotex’s specialty white potash products. A new shiploader, improved control system technology and an upgraded conveyance system will enable shorter turnaround times for Canpotex trains and ships at PBT. A new storage building will allow the potash exporter to better manage its specialty grade products at the terminal.

Canpotex is a joint venture among three Province of Saskatchewan, Canada potash producers: Agrium, Mosaic and PotashCorp.

Potash, also known as potassium chloride, helps increase crop yields as a mineral nutrient used in fertilizer applications. More than two million metric tons of Saskatchewan potash is exported through Portland annually to international markets including Australia, Brazil, China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Read the full news release at the Port of Portland


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