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APMT disputes ITF on Aqaba port strike

From the Journal of Commerce:

APM Terminals has disputed the International Transport Workers Federation’s description of last week’s strike at Aqaba Container Terminals in Jordan as a “victory” for the union representing the terminal’s dockworkers.

“We find the ITF’s statements misleading, incorrect and not supported by facts…The strike was premature and illegal, especially when held during a formal mediation process — which cannot be interpreted as a union victory,” Peder Sondergaard, APM Terminals regional CEO, said in a statement.

Sondergaard responded to an ITF statement that the union had “won its case, including the company’s waiving all penalties imposed during the strike, in particular rescinding 23 sackings, and a renewed commitment from the Jordanian government to have its grievances addressed by the national labor court.”

Last week’s strike ended with the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the container terminal and the union.

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