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DOT supports Jones Act, LNG ships remain absent from U.S.-flag fleet

The Department of Transportation (DOT) fiercely supports the Jones Act, Transportation Secretary Anthony R. Foxx told an audience at the Second Maritime Strategy Symposium May 6.

The Jones Act requires goods and passengers traveling by water between U.S. ports be transported in U.S.-made ships, owned by U.S. citizens and crewed by U.S. citizens. There currently […]


Intermodal rail volume rises for 53rd consecutive month

Intermodal rail volume for April rose 9% compared with the same time last year, the 53rd consecutive year-over-year monthly increase, the Association of American Railroads reported.

Intermodal volume rose to 1.3 million units last month. The weekly average of intermodal units was the highest for any April and the second highest for any recorded month, […]