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Japan, U.S. to steer Pacific trade talks to early conclusion: Abe

”Japan and the United States will act in cooperation to accelerate negotiations further towards the early conclusion of negotiations by the 12 participating countries as a whole,” Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said in an address.

Japan and the United States will work together to steer trade negotiations for a Trans-Pacific Partnership towards a […]


Costa Rica seeks answers on secret US ‘Cuban Twitter,’ ZunZuneo

Without knowing it, Cuban citizens gave up information to USAID contractors. The database separated the information by gender, age, ‘receptiveness’ and ‘political tendencies.’ Within the latter, respondents were categorized as ‘anti-revolution,’ ‘apolitical’ and ‘pro-revolution.’

The United States government’s attempt to create a fictitious social media network to undermine the Communist regime in Cuba continues […]


Pendleton Grain Growers to sell retail locations, seeking possible alliance with CHS

The PGG Board of Directors began looking through its business model several months ago to find which services were most important to members, and how they could be restructured for maximum efficiency. The decision came last week to drop the retail business in order to make other services such as grain marketing, fuel and […]