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Maritime union leaders gather in Papua New Guinea to initiate new federation

[Note: You can listen to this story’s interview with Paddy Crumlin, General Secretary of the MUA and President of the International Federation of Transport Workers, at this link.]

Paddy Crumlin

Transport union leaders from across the Asia Pacific are taking the first steps towards forming a regional grouping.

The move is being spearheaded by […]


Thanks to WikiLeaks, we see just how bad TPP trade deal is for regular people

From The Guardian:

The more you know about the odious Trans-Pacific Partnership, the less you’ll like it. It’s made for corporate intellectual property and profits

No clearer demonstration of the real White House view is offered than a just-leaked draft of an international treaty that would, as many had feared, create draconian new rights for […]


Suez benefits from Panama delay

The proportion of vessel capacity operating from Asia to ECNA via the Suez Canal increased from around a third between October 2010 and October 2012 up to 42% in October 2013, with the Panama Canal’s share conversely falling from two third’s to 58%. Source: Drewry Maritime Research

The further postponement to the opening of […]