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Port of Houston Orders Ship-to-Shore Cranes, RTGs

Konecranes has received a $56 million order from the Port of Houston Authority for four super-post-Panamax ship-to-shore cranes and three rubber-tire gantry cranes.

The STS cranes, which can handle container ships that are 22 containers wide, will be the largest that Konecranes has ever built, according to the lifting equipment provider. They will have a lifting capacity of 66 tons and outreach of 64 meters with twin lift operation. They will also be semi-automated and equipped with Konecranes’ AC frequency control system.

Separately, Konecranes has introduced an automated system for RTG terminal operators. The ARTG system is built around Konecranes’ 16-wheel RTG.

More at the Journal of Commerce


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