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Peruvian Trade Minister on IP in the Trans Pacific Partnership: 'will not go one millimeter beyond' our FTA with the U.S.

Peruvian Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism José Silva Martinot – asked about intellectual property (IP) provisions proposed by the United States in the Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations – said on television that Peru will not accept terms that exceed those in its existing bilateral trade agreement with the U.S. The minister said “We as Peru have been clear and we will not go one millimeter beyond what has already negotiated.”

Peruvian officials have indicated their reluctance to exceed US-Peru FTA provisions on IP in the past, but recently they have come under increasing pressure not to give in to U.S. demands.

Civil society mobilized around the recent TPP negotiating round in Lima Peru. Groups held demonstrations outside the negotiations and created an online hub www.nonegociable.pe to mobilize further opposition. La Republica reports that 50 civil society groups signed a statement asking the President not to accept new IP standards in the TPP.

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