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District Court tosses out NLRB’s 10K ruling against ILWU

Judge says NLRB ‘violated clear statutory mandate’ when it intervened in longshore union dispute with ICTSI at the Port of Portland last year

PORTLAND, OR (June 17, 2013) – Today, United States District Court Judge Michael W. Mosman issued an order vacating the National Labor Relations Board’s August 13, 2012 decision in International Brotherhood of […]


VIDEO: Japanese Railway Workers Support Dockers Half a World Away

From Labor Notes:

Railway unionists in Tokyo recently protested a lockout nearly 5,000 miles away, of American dockworkers who load grain onto ships headed for Asia.

With signs calling the aggressive employer a “Merchant of Death,” Japanese workers rallied outside the headquarters of Marubeni, owner of Columbia Grain, which locked out members of Longshore […]


STX’s New Giant arrested at anchor in Poverty Bay

Shipping agent Kevin Pitcher said they did not actually board the ship to serve the writ. ‘The original writ was attached to the hull of the vessel by tape,’ Pitcher said. ‘The crew lowered a bucket over the side, and the copy of the document was placed in it for the captain to peruse.’

The […]