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New APL Ships To Be 20% More Fuel-Efficient

New APL hull design on 13,800 TEU ship

New hull design on a 13,800 TEU ship. The ships will operate at typical speeds between 15 and 19.5 knots, with a maximum of about 23 knots, and propulsive power will be about 16 percent lower than with an initial hull design optimised for only one speed and draught condition.

A new hull design will make 10 new 13,800 TEU ships to be operated by APL Limited (APL) 20 percent more fuel-efficient per TEU, according to the company and its partners.

The fuel savings were said to be worth about $3 million per ship per year. HHI is now building the first of the new ships, which is scheduled to be delivered next year.

Maersk Line is also taking steps toward more energy-efficient hull design, and is adding 20 ships to its fleet with rounded, rather than streamlined, hulls.

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