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Judge mulls ILWU request to dismiss charges

The charges discussed today stemmed from a September 7, 2011 Free Speech demonstration at which police attacked workers for standing up for good jobs. Dawn Des Brisay photo.

A Cowlitz County District Court judge is mulling a Longshore union request to dismiss criminal trespassing charges filed against several dozen dockworkers and their supporters.

Union lawyers […]


Occupy LA targeting ports of L.A. and Long Beach

The Occupy movement also said it plans to protest at the ports to support the International Longshore and Warehouse Union in its ongoing dispute with Longview, Wash.-based EGT, which is planning to open a grain terminal without using unionized dockworkers.

Last week, the ILWU said it shared the Occupy movement’s concerns, but that the […]


Port of Oakland girds for blockade

A Teamsters representative said they aren’t organizing or participating in the blockade because it will hurt the independent truck drivers who are barely scraping by.

The Port of Oakland is girding for another blockade on Dec. 12, six weeks after a Nov. 2 general strike coordinated by Occupy Oakland shut down the port overnight.

“The […]


Four Unions Reach Agreement with Rails

Major U.S. railroads have new tentative agreements with four of the 11 unions needed to avert a potential nationwide strike or lockout in December.

The agreements announced [in mid-November] follow the creation of a Presidential Emergency Board Nov. 5 and a 30-day “cooling off” period that expires Dec. 6.

President Obama created the PEB to […]


New safety protocol keeps refrigerated goods moving through Port of Oakland

The Oakland Tribune has detailed the safety procedures that longshore workers fought for to protect workers and the community from potentially explosive containers that were serviced in Vietnam with counterfeit coolant:

A handful of clerks from ILWU Local 34 and two mechanics have been working practically nonstop inside a second-floor room at the Pacific Marine […]


Longshoremen’s Union Rejects Occupy Protestors’ Call for Strike

Here’s the Seattle Weekly’s take on the proposed Dec. 12 action:

​The International Longshore and Warehouse Union is not exactly known for backing away from a fight. But the feisty workers apparently draw the line at calls for strikes coming from out-of-state Occupy protestors.

Last week we told you about how the protestors at Occupy […]


Australian company buys stake in coal mines

An Australian company says it is buying an interest in coal mines in Montana and Wyoming as interest increases in shipping the product overseas to feed growing energy demands in Asia.

Ambre Energy Limited announced on Thursday it was buying a 50 percent interest in the Decker Coal Company in southern Montana and the Black […]


Pacific Northwest Ports’ Imports Fall, Exports Rise

Containerized imports generally lagged but exports continued to grow in October at the ports of Oakland, Portland, Tacoma and Seattle.

Year-to-date exports at all of the northern West Coast ports are higher this year than they were in the first 10 months of 2010, reflecting the continued strong growth of U.S. exports. The trend toward […]


Cargill, Bunge, Dreyfus Reach Pay Agreement With Argentine Soybean Workers

Argentina soybean crushing workers in Santa Fe province reached an agreement with companies for a 20 percent pay rise and annual bonuses, said a union official who declined to be identified by name.

The workers in the San Lorenzo area ended a strike on Nov. 3 after the government ordered compulsory talks, the official […]


New Zealand: Ports face second lockout

Ports of Auckland announced it would lock 330 wharfies out next weekend after the Maritime Union of New Zealand refused to draw their notice of strike action on the Friday and Monday.

It’s understood the lockouts will be the first on the waterfront since 1951, if they go ahead.

Ports of Auckland chief […]


Longshore workers prepare for long fight

EGT’s CEO Larry Clarke ran a pulic letter in a local newspaper thanking local cops for defending EGT’s business interests in face of union protests. Dawn Des Brisay photo.

Battle union busting at Washington port

Longshore workers have winterized their picket tents and continue to staff picket lines 24 hours a day, seven days a […]


3 new cranes for the Port of Seattle

A web site called the West Seattle Blog has published several photos of Seattle’s three new cranes, including this one, as the cranes arrive in Elliot Bay by ship:

Three new cranes head to Seattle’s Terminal 18. They reach 24 containers wide, and will allow port facilities to handle the largest container vessels made.



Tacoma on watch for bad ship containers

The News Tribune and the Olympian report that the new protocol requires screening the records of all the containers aboard a ship several days in advance of its arrival. All containers that have moved through Vietnam this year are subject to close inspection of their records. And units that have undergone maintenance there get […]


TDN: ILWU won’t join Occupy Oakland’s attempts to shut down West Coast ports

Excerpts from the Daily News:

Facing hefty fines for illegal picketing, union longshore leaders this week rejected a call from Occupy Oakland protesters to shut down West Coast ports Dec. 12 in support of the union’s dispute with the owners of the new EGT grain terminal at the Port of Longview.

Robert McEllrath, president of […]


Cantwell wants plan for floating Japan debris

Projections of what will happen to the debris have been made by Nikolai Maximenko and Jan Hafner at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa‘s International Pacific Research Center, shown in the animated image above.

The 2,000-mile-long debris field from the March tsunami in Japan is expected to reach beaches in Hawaii next winter and […]