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SSA testing cell phone blocking technology at Panama port

SSA terminal in Manzanillo, Panama

SSA is testing technology that blocks port drivers in Manzanillo, Panama, from using cell phones in their vehicles. The vendor's web site says the technology 'is installed in a motor vehicle under the dashboard, under the driver’s seat or in the headliner above the driver. It is highly directionalized, aimed at the driver’s space and affecting an area limited to the driver’s immediate vicinity.' It is not legal in the United States under FCC regulations.

A Trinity-Noble news release is below. More information on the technology is available here:

Trinity-Noble and SSA Marine Testing Revolutionary Technology for the Prevention of Deadly Cell Phone Use by Drivers

SSA Marine and Trinity-Noble, in a joint effort to increase safety and worker welfare, is testing Trinity-Noble’s life saving cell phone blocking technology at SSA Marine container terminals in Manzanillo, Panama terminal.

Trinity Noble has developed technology which, when installed in commercial vehicles at a controlled location, will prohibit the driver from using a cell phone. Currently, drivers in this situation are prohibited from cell phone use while driving to increase the safety of all workers. Occasionally, though, drivers use cell phones which increases the risk of an accident.

With this technology installed, cell phone usage is blocked when the commercial vehicle is operated. SSA Marine, in an effort to increase safety and worker welfare at its container terminals, is testing this technology at their Manzanillo, Panama terminal.

This technology is currently not available in the United States due to FCC regulations.


See the company’s news release here


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