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Judge fines Longshore union $250,000 over tactics

EGT causes disruption in Longview, WA

Part of the $250,000 fine pays for law enforcement uniforms and weaponry to arm public and private police forces.

The National Labor Relations Board had asked the court to fine the union more than $290,000 to cover the damages and expenses, such as overtime for law enforcement agencies. Leighton said he rounded down to be cautious and ordered additional penalties for future violations, including $25,000 for the union, $5,000 for union officers and $2,500 for other individuals.

The union plans to appeal the decision, attorney Robert Remar said after the hearing. He had argued that the union has the right to assess whether the proposed damages and expenses were proper, saying that he believes some of them were excessive and inflated.

“What the court engaged in here is back-of-the-napkin guestimates,” ILWU coast committeeman Leal Sundet said in a statement. “There was no attempt to distinguish events arguably connected with what the union is accused of doing on the 7th and 8th of September 2011 and those events that are unrelated to any alleged union conduct.”

From the Associated Press


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