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ITF women’s leadership conference sends solidarity message to Longview

The following was message of solidarity was sent on September 29 as longshore workers from around the world gathered in Baltimore:

We, the women union leaders attending the ITF Women’s Leadership, Strategy and Organising Conference, want to express our support for the International Longshore and Warehouse Union in the struggle for their union jobs at the Port of Longview, Washington State. We have watched your struggle with admiration, and have been heartened to see it taken up by your and our colleagues worldwide in the International Transport Workers’ Federation and its member unions – not least its dockers’ unions , who understand all too well the importance of what you are fighting for. As union leaders from maritime unions in India, Australia, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Indonesia, Bangladesh, the Philippines, New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Croatia, Bulgaria, Estonia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Barbados, Jamaica and the USA, we are glad to have this opportunity to express our solidarity and our unflinching support for you as members of the ILWU.


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