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ITF women’s leadership conference sends solidarity message to Longview

The following was message of solidarity was sent on September 29 as longshore workers from around the world gathered in Baltimore:

We, the women union leaders attending the ITF Women’s Leadership, Strategy and Organising Conference, want to express our support for the International Longshore and Warehouse Union in the struggle for their union jobs at […]


Judge fines Longshore union $250,000 over tactics

Part of the $250,000 fine pays for law enforcement uniforms and weaponry to arm public and private police forces.

The National Labor Relations Board had asked the court to fine the union more than $290,000 to cover the damages and expenses, such as overtime for law enforcement agencies. Leighton said he rounded down […]


Hundreds gather to show union support

500 people support ILWU's fight for good jobs at EGT at rally in September 2011.

Shouting “We are union! We are community!” at least 500 union members and supporters rallied in Longview’s Civic Center on Thursday evening to support the local longshore union in its labor dispute with the EGT grain terminal at the […]