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Peru, Colombia, Chile and Mexico to sign Pacific Agreement on Thursday

Callao map

Calla, Peru, is just outside of Lima and is the anticipated export point for Latin American goods under the Pacific Agreement. The Port of Callao has been the site of major labor violations against the dockworkers union, SUTRAMPORPC.

The governments of Peru, Colombia, Chile and Mexico will sign the Pacific Agreement on Thursday in Lima, through which they seek to deepen their integration and expand into new markets.

According to Jose Morales Dasso, president of the National Confederation of Private Business Instructions (Confiep), the new agreement will greatly benefit the Peruvian economy and micro-companies.

Participating in the signing of the agreement will be the Peruvian President, Alan García, and his Colombian counterpart, Juan Manuel Santos, as well as the Chilean leader, Sebastián Piñera, and the Mexican President, Felipe Calderon.

“We are looking for Peru to grow in international markets. This agreement will involve maximizing the impact of free trade agreements which we have concluded with various Asian countries,” explained Morales Dasso.

He also anticipated that the Peruvian port of Callao, can become the main starting point for the shipping of products, from the four South American countries towards the Asian market, reports Andina.

For its part, the international analyst Juan Velit, stated that “the creation of the Pacific Agreement also allows for the possibility of integrating other countries.”

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