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Strike ‘paralyzes’ Peruvian port

Dockworkers ‘paralyzed’ the Peruvian port of Puerto Callao Wednesday in a strike over the lack of labor rights in a concession contract, according to Peru’s Association of Exporters (ADEX).

The Callao Maritime and Port Workers Union (SUTRAMPORPC) engaged in the 24-hour strike to protest the contract as it did not grant labor rights to employees in the northern pier (Muelle Sur).

The union’s secretary general, Wilmer Esteves Morales, said operators had not followed the Port Workers Act or other regulations to protect the dock, by not allowing workers to unionize or negotiate claims.

He said employees would launch an indefinite strike if the government awards negotiation process did not seek to uphold workers’ rights. The strike included employees of freight company Enapu and heavy transport workers.

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