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Dockworker loses legs after tragic accident at Port of Oakland

Ports America Outer Harbor Oakland

A gate change at the Ports America terminal in January meant that pedestrians and equipment now had to pass through the same area. The union has insisted the configuration be made more safe.

Cal-OSHA is investing an accident at the Port of Oakland in which a dockworker lost both her legs after she was run over by a container lift.

The accident occurred about 4 a.m. March 2 at the Ports America terminal. The stevedore, who has not been identified, was among several employees who had just finished the night shift and were leaving the dock. The heavy machines used to hoist the shipping containers and move the units around the docks also were heading out at the same time, said Richard Mead, president of the International Longshore and Warehouse Local 10.

Ports America reconfigured the former APM terminal before reopening it in January 2010. During the change, a gate was moved 1,000 yards. Pedestrians and equipment now are forced to pass through the same area, Mead said.

“It was raining, the equipment and pedestrians all converged at that one location, and consequently she was run over and lost both of her legs,” Mead said. “The union immediately demanded that Ports America change the configuration and they subsequently have, but it’s too late. It’s a tragedy.”

From the Oakland Tribune


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