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Controversy hits Callao concession

Leal Sundet, Luis Negreiros, Ray Ortiz, Jr.

Peruvian dockworkers, including Luis Negreiros (center) have told the ILWU Coast Longshore Division that DP World hires nonunion dockworkers at the terminal it operates in Callao. Also pictured: Coast Committeemen Leal Sundet and Ray Ortiz, Jr.

Despite an initial judgement to allow DP World to bid for Callao’s Muelle Norte terminal, the claim that this would result in a net loss for the country has reached Peru’s Superior Court.

Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) and APM Terminals both objected to DP World involvement in the process, saying that this would effectively undermine the objectives set out in the tender since DP World is already operating at the port’s Muelle Sur (South Terminal).

The Superior Court is said to be considering reappraisal of the order from the Ministry of Transportation and Communications that cancelled the injunction against DP World’s participation, if evidence shows that the operator’s involvement would result in injury to the state.

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