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Widened Panama Canal could change economic landscape for Port of Tacoma

Port of Tacoma commissioners hired consultants Steve Rothberg and Monica Isbell last year to develop what they called a SWOT report – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats – as the first step in creating a new strategy for the port to revive and grow its business. The two had been working on the report, presented […]


East Coast ports race to dig deeper for giant ships coming through expanded Panama Canal

Savannah is among several East Coast cities eager to deepen shipping channels and raise bridges to accommodate bigger ships in 2014.

East Coast ports from New York to Miami simply aren’t deep enough to handle such mammoth vessels as the CMA CGM Figaro, which measures 1,100 feet long with space for 8,500 cargo containers […]


Gobierno elude diálogo con SINTRAJAP para imponer privatización

[ENGLISH TRANSLATION: This news release from Costa Rica’s dockworkers union says that national president Laura Chinchilla’s administration and the JAPDEVA port administrators continue to impose privatization of the docks without consulting with union leaders. The dockworkers recently reelected the Ronaldo Blear union administration in a landslide election that was widely regarded as a rejection of […]


Egypt buys wheat as turmoil fails to disrupt trade

Global grain companies looked past anti-government protests that toppled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on Friday to sell Cairo a large quantity of wheat without raising prices to include any risk premium.

The sale underscored Egypt’s position as the world’s top wheat importer, and more importantly, its reliability on payments even at the height of […]


U.S. Begins Inquiry Into Impact of Slower Ship Speeds

Slow steaming saves fuel and reduces carriers' freight capacity.

The U.S. Federal Maritime Commission has started an inquiry into how slower container ship speeds are affecting freight rates and supply chains.

Ocean liners have been reducing their travel times over the past two years to save fuel and lower greenhouse-gas emissions, the agency said […]