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The shipping industry contemplates its move into the age of e-navigation

Some navigation experts are questioning the increasing dependence on GPS satellite signals.

Today, as the shipping industry contemplates its move into the age of e-navigation, it is worth taking a moment to consider our huge and growing dependence on the Global Positioning System and its galaxy of satellites circling the earth. By 2015 it […]


Port of Everett plans bottling plant

County Executive Aaron Reardon announced that Evergreen Bottling is in talks with the Port of Everett to build a 100,000-square-foot facility to bottle water-based beverages for domestic and foreign consumption.

Reardon said the Port of Everett will handle up to 15 million bottles of water per month for shipment overseas. … At last night’s City […]


Port of Nanaimo Strike Concerns

A potential strike at the Port of Nanaimo is threatening to stop shipments and put the island’s forest industry on hold.

Mediated talks between the BC Maritime Employers Association and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Canada are taking place all this week.

Thousands of workers have taken a strike vote, but so far […]