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‘It’ll take at least a week to clear the backlog’ after military took over Peru docks during strike

The Peruvian government replaced union longshore workers with military personnel during a 3-week strike, declaring the port “100% operational.” Results say otherwise, as Bloomberg reports in a news article called “Peruvian Port Workers End 21-Day Strike at Callao:”

Peruvian port workers today signed a labor accord to end a 21-day strike that had blocked transportation […]


Military not ‘suitable replacements’ for longshore workers during strike

In an article called “Mineral shipments resume as Peru port strike ends,” Reuters reported:

Minerals shipments at Peru’s main port were normal on Wednesday after workers ended a strike for better benefits at the government-operated Port of Callao, union leader Leopoldo Ortiz said.

Stevedores and port operators reached an agreement on Tuesday evening, the Minister […]


Estibadores portuarios depusieron huelga que mantenían desde hace 21 días

[ENGLISH SUMMARY: Members of the SUTRAMPORPC union in Callao, Peru, have won their demands after 3-week strike impacted the country’s mineral and other exports. The government tried, and failed, to replace them with military personnel during the strike. The ILWU Coast Longshore Division has supported SUTRAMPORPC in their fight to push back abuse on the […]