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Ports of Auckland boss to leave in 2011

Ports of Auckland’s managing director Jens Madsen is leaving the port at the end of February 2011. Mr. Madsen said … he was pleased to leave the organisation and business in a strong position.

Council-owned Ports of Auckland operates New Zealand’s largest container port. Its total container volumes represent 49 percent of the North Island container trade and 36 percent of New Zealand’s total container trade.

A New Zealand Herald editorial in August said that decisions must be made quickly if Auckland is not to become a regional port. The Waterfront Development Agency must get together with Auckland Council Investments, the council-controlled organisation that will oversee the port, to develop a plan that caters for the port’s commercial future but also the public interest, not least by shrinking the port’s spread along the townfront as it accommodates bigger ships.

From the New Zealand Press Association


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