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APM plan to develop Jordan’s Aqaba terminal sees progress

APM Terminals at Aqaba, Jordan

APM Terminals is at the helm of the $235 expansion at Aqaba. Jordan’s king is shown launching one of two new cranes at the terminal.

His Majesty King Abdullah on launched two new Ship-To-Shore (STS) cranes introduced by the Aqaba Containers Terminal (ACT) to enable the port to meet market demand in line with its master plan.

APM Terminals is in charge of the development, management and operation of the Aqaba terminal… Focus has been placed on the rehabilitation and training of the terminal workforce, locally and abroad, hiring specialised technical staff, reinforcing safety measures for staff, vessels and cargo according to international requirements and agreements.

Two STS cranes, each capable of 18-container reach are now in operation, said Charles Menkhorst, CEO of APM Terminals Africa, Middle East and India Subcontinent region.

From the Jordan Times


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