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Struggling Port Of Oakland Considers Drastic Solutions

KTVU has learned the Port of Oakland has been taking controversial actions to straighten out its finances. After multimillion dollar losses, the once prosperous port laid off 86 employees and found itself in debt for almost $1.5 billion while facing increasingly significant competition from other Pacific coast facilities.

Port officials have made one controversial deal […]


Port of Portland officials await crucial decision by automaker

Port of Portland officials are anxiously awaiting a decision that could give its auto import business a much-needed boost. Glovis America Inc., which imports Hyundai and Kia vehicles through Portland and Tacoma, may consolidate that work to a single port. The Port of Portland seems to have the least to lose and the most to […]


Maersk Line Joins Vietnam Gold Rush

Maersk Line plans to add a direct, all water call from South Vietnam to the U.S. West Coast to its Trans-Pacific 6 service. By starting its first direct service from Vietnam to the U.S. West Coast, the Danish carrier joins what looks like a gold rush of carriers that have been setting up direct services […]