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A new shake-up for shipping from Asia: The warming Arctic Ocean

The challenges facing the ports of Seattle and Tacoma can be neatly listed: 1) The trade collapse from the Great Recession; 2) The looming opening of wider Panama and Suez canals, allowing much Asian cargo to bypass the West Coast; 3) Prince Rupert, a day’s sailing distance closer to Asia, and 4) Washington’s slowness to […]


Port of Longview posts record revenue

Longview's Berth 9 will be the site of the new $200 grain elevator buit by EGT Development, Inc. Click on the photo to read the Longview Daily News.

The Port of Longview increased its revenue 7 percent from 2008, when it hauled in $23.5 million. Before then, the port had never broken the $20 […]


Port of Seattle Gets 100 Old Trucks Off the Roads

Since November 2009, 100 older diesel trucks servicing the Port of Seattle have been permanently removed from service. … Replacement trucks obtained as part of the ScRAPS Program can qualify for a no-cost exhaust retrofit to further reduce their emissions. The program is designed to help the Port of Seattle meet the goals of the […]


Port of Los Angeles to Improve Main Harry Bridges Blvd Truck Route

A $22 million federal stimulus grant project is underway at the Port of Los Angeles this week, which will result in improvements along a 1.3-mile stretch of Harry Bridges Boulevard in Wilmington, Calif. Harry Bridges Boulevard, part of the National Highway System, connects John S. Gibson Boulevard with Alameda Street, and is the main truck […]